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Dec 1, 2013 10:25pm EST
across the world and how we compete in global economy, now that number has dropped down it's not 79% anymore. it's around 35% of our jobs in high school a diploma, which means we have a big skill scant. it's in the manufacturing jobs, john. you can't show up with a high get l degree and expect to a job in a manufacturing plant. you have to have some type of to do, to read, to write, basic math, to operate to machinery, the equipment, the things that you have. so as a nation, we're falling behind. industrialized nations, 14th in reading, 17th in science, 25th in math. 34 nations. we're a better nation than that. to compete and remain internationally globally competitive, we have to change and we haven system to address the needs of our employers. it up to you open guys, but before we do that, manziel y, is johnny going to win the heisman again? >> i don't have a clue. i played six-man football. >> you're an aggie, you're yeah, baby, yeah. >> i don't have an idea. he is fun to watch play. here's what i will project. i will make a prediction -- that i'm very confident in and that is th
Dec 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
of the -- of the digital economy in this country. seen the figure of 36 billion is the likely damage to and uk companies because people are not going to trust on the basis of the stories that have come into the domain. so i think oversight has to include people who make -- who advocate. privacy you need somebody external who as the technical knowledge which i doubt many members of that committee have. $1.3 million., kinds hink there are all of questions and parliamentarians have started to ask whether it's right or whether it's a full select committee of the full house, right that the chair should be a former person who has dealings with the committees and responsibility for them. have enough hey resource and so on and so forth. o i think -- i'm hearing very helpful suggestions and interesting suggestions about reformed as might be a result of newspaper coverage. >> thank you. >> thank you. in austin? >> thank you. point what's this sort of of principle? that bviously, isn't it, all governments have intelligence and all governments keep that o information secret. hy should i think -- i accept from you t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2